Visit to Brighton Waste House

Last week students from SML College visited the Waste House in Brighton.

The Brighton Waste House investigates strategies for constructing a contemporary, low energy,  permanent building using over 85% ‘waste’ material drawn from household and construction sites. Now fully completed, the building is Europe’s first permanent public building made almost entirely from material thrown away or not wanted. It is also an EPC ‘A’ rated low energy building.


They were amazed to see how much you can do with waste such as toothbrushes, skateboards, cassettes tapes, video tapes and boxes, vinyl records, bicycle inner tubes and tyres, denim jeans legs and DVD’s cases. Here’s what Annie, one of our students, had to say about the visit: “The waste house trip was an inspirational experience. It opened our eyes to alternative uses for waste products and highlights what a massive problem waste is. Cat was very passionate and proved how much one person can do especially when going against social norms. She motivated us to consider our actions and raised some fascinating points of discussion. The house was very homely and there was a general consensus that we would all live in one. This proves what a brilliant idea they are as the houses are super eco friendly and would help solve the housing crisis.

You’ll find more photos of the trip on our facebook page.